My name is Asad. Gharighi. I’ve lived the life of a computer guy -some call me a geek- for about 18 years; yes it all started when my father baught me a Commodore 64 when I was 11 and the first thing I did with that piece of jewelery was programming not playing games. Since then I’ve been trying to understand what a computer really does, what it can do and make this stupid machine to understand what I want.

I explored many aspects of computer science, from its hardware architecture to the details of its mathematical foundation and the beautiful form of interaction called “programming“.

Here you will find my day to day thoughts and experiences with anything related to computers.

I’m a software architect, designer and programmer and I’m involved in many different technologies and I love living this life, the life of a computer geek!

It will be great if I get your thoughts and feedback and I hope what I share here becomes useful.


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